Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Story of Our Lives

As i lay dying
My heart beating so fast
The wound seems won’t heal
The gold diggers doubling their effort
Too much too soon
The wealth makes them blind

What’s going on with this world
We were the scapegoat
We were ****ed by them
They possessed us
What should we do
Fighting until the last man standing???…
Arrghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! s***!!!

Seems like the lightning strike against us
It will bury us from the inside
Like a flock of crows eating us alive
We just stand aside like a crazy b****
We wont give a damn to anybody around us
We are the s***!!!

This is the story of our lives
The moments will forever faded
A new chapter will begins
And it goes around and around
Just like the same old-new story
Those ****ing lads will still be around us
Death do us apart

We shall arise
We shall arise
We shall arise!!!!
United we stand
Let's make a different
The heaven is above us
Flying like a free bird, we will..
****ing capitalism!!!
Burn!!! Burn!!! Burn!!!
Burn!!! Burn!!! Burn!!!

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