Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nota 3


Some might say, to manage our anger is difficult. Young blood will always can't control their emotion when facing with stress scenario.

I've been transferred to the new area where I've to deal with so many bullshit human related issues. Too many attitude. In this area, lives aging men and women with all kind of attitude. Everyday I keep on telling myself don't let go your emotion in front of them.

Me, some might say a lil bit hot tempered. Yes, indeed. My previous subordinates can know what am I in the mood of, just by looking at my eyes. hmmmm...

My mom once said and taught me a good value. It's an Islam practice by the way.

"Be kind and gentle to all old men and women and you will be bless all the way until you see the Mighty One."

I can tell, it's been 5 months, not a single day I'm striking against them. I tried to manage my anger before I being rude to these people. Thank God, it's quite a relief though.

Some might say if the person keep the anger inside and not letting it go, it will harm the person internally.

I guess quite a few times I was impacted by these.

The big impact was I'm not as cute as before, but still, a lil left on me though.


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