Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Emergency Festival @ The Annexe, CM: 16th to 25th Oct 2008

EMERGENCY FESTIVAL! Sebuah Darurat Dua Minggu is a 16-day explosion of histories, images, narratives and sounds from the first Malayan Emergency from 1948-1960. A Multi-Arts Festival featuring theater, exhibition, film screenings & daily interactive presentations.

All happening at The Annexe, Central Market, KL

Info, schedules and more:


“The Malayan Emergency was a state of emergency declared by the British colonial government of Malaya in 1948 and lifted in 1960, as well as an insurrection and guerrilla war fought between government forces and the Malayan National Liberation Army around the same period. The state of emergency entailed the revocation of many civil rights, the granting of special powers to the police, and other measures aimed at the suppression of left wing political movements, especially the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). The guerrilla war was part of the ongoing conflict between the MCP and other leftists, and the colonial establishment, starting shortly after the Japanese withdrawal in 1945 and extending to the signing of the peace treaty between the communists and the government of Malaya in December 1989.” - Read More: Here

Sources: Ricecooker Shop

Words from Kieng Meng:

Friends, this is an opportunity for you to know more about our country's history, apart from what have been told by our teachers back in the secondary school, or in BTN programs. Learn more about the stories of the left wings heroes who struggle for their beloved country. Lets cherish what have those unsung heroes done for the country.

p/s: Looking forward to watch Revolusi '48, a Fahmi Reza's documentary about the untold story of the Malayan Revolution during the Malayan Emergency, circa 1940s.

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